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My name is Colin Murphy, and I am a web developer from Des Moines, Iowa. Websites have always intrigued me. When I was around 10 years old I was amazed that you could write something and it would appear online for everyone to see.

This got me interested in making websites. I signed up for a free web hosting provider and made my first website. From then on, web development got me hooked. I began writing more advanced web sites using PHP and other languages and frameworks.

I currently work for Remax Studio as a web developer and server administrator.

My Skills



HTML and CSS are the main languages of the web. I have 4 years of experience making small and medium websites. Using popular web frameworks like Bootstrap, I can make you a high quality website that works and looks good.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

With more and more people using smartphones and tablets than your traditional desktop, responsive design is a must. I can make your website work on both phones, tablets, and computers.

Server Adm.

Server Administration

I have 3 years of experinence running GNU/Linux servers. I can set them up and help secure them against attacks, plus install software you need for your business.



PHP is a scripting language generally used to build web applications. I have a few years experience with PHP, and I use it quite often to generate dynamic web sites.



If you'd rather not ask me to update your website, I can fit it to work with a Content Management System so you can edit yourself, saving you money.

My Portfolio

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Start Page (2015)

Languages/frameworks used: PHP, JQuery, JSON

Startpage screenshot

This start page script I wrote was to help teach me some of the basics of Jquery, and more specifically Ajax. This script creates the navigation menu from a JSON file you create with all your links.

When you mouse over one of the links in the menu, the pages' background changes to a live preview of the website loaded inside of an iframe, an HTML tag. When you click the link it will then bring you to the destination website.

Full source code will be placed on GitHub. See it live

TuxBoard (2014)

Languages/frameworks used: PHP

TuxBoard is a very basic forum script I wrote a few years ago in PHP. It doesn't use any databases; rather it uses text files stored in a directory.

This forum script features:

  • User registration
  • Administration panel
  • Thread deletion
  • User avatars
  • Forum news section

Placeholder (Year)

Languages/frameworks used: Memes

Nothing to see here

Remax Studio
remax studio

Remax Studios is a web design agency based in Scotland and the United States. We make websites, design graphics, and write code.

I do a little bit of everything at Remax Studios. I manage and maintain it's server, design websites and do backend work.

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